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Expensify — New pricing structure is confusing.

I’m a long time user of Expensify.  It is less complicated than most, and the reports are good enough.


But, recently, I’ve found features (that rely on day-in day-out), suddenly disabled.When I tried to use them I am bombarded with pop-ups and slide down banners, in various shades of red, asking for my billing information.

I figured they must have changed their pricing structure, so I emailed their support team and it was confirmed to be true.

I am annoyed that I was give no notice, no heads-up, no email blast.

My first reaction was to check the new pricing structure to see if I can restore the features I lost.   I couldn’t find it on the website–so I sent an email to support to see if they could explain the pricing.

They sent me here: Realtime Expenses Start with a Simpler, Smaller Price

Example: Your company has 100 people, 50 of who submit expense reports every month, and 10 who approve them.

Before: 50 submitters x $6/submitter = $300

Now: 50 submitters + 10 approvers = 60 active seats x $5/seat = $300

This is the example under their first bullet point of how they have simplified the pricing.

Example: You invoice 1-2 clients a month (the common case), and they approve and pay online via credit card.

Before: You paid a flat $15/mo.

Now: On the Team plan you pay $5 for yourself, and $5 for each recipient, for a total of $10-15/mo

So before, $15/mo gave me unlimited invoicing.  Now, my cost depends on the # of recipients I have.  Not small business friendly.

Example: You own two policies, a Team and a Corporate.  Alice submits to you on a Team policy, and Bob submits to you on a Corporate policy.  Cathy submits two reports, one on Team, and one on Corporate.  You approve all four reports.  The active seats you are billed for are:

Alice: $5 (Team)

Bob: $9 (Corporate)

Cathy: $9 (Team and Corporate, but Corporate pricing wins)

You: $9 (same as Cathy, because you’re active on both)

Total: $32

Sorry–do not comprehend.

Example: You are a company with 50 submitters and 10 approvers.  You were previously on Team, but have been auto-upgraded to Corporate — and you choose not to downgrade back to Team.  The cost of Expensify with the old and new pricing plan would be:

Old: 50 submitters x $6 / Team submitter + 17% for SmartScan + $15 for invoicing = $366

New: (50 submitters + 10 approvers) x $9 / Corporate submitter = $540

To avoid any pricing disruption, this example company would be given a 32% discount, which will be gradually reduced over 12 months.  This means that were every month to have exactly the same number of active users, you would pay:

2014/6/1 – $366 (old price)

2014/7/1 – $540 – 32% = $366 (discounted to be same as old price)

2014/8/1 – $540 – 30% = $380 (discount is gradually reduced every month)

2014/9/1 – $540 – 27% = $395

2015/6/1 – $540 – 3% = $525

2015/7/1 – $540 – 0% = $540 (standard price in 12 months)

No, just NO… please stop, my brain… gaaaaaaahhh

Before I wrap things up, there is one thing they did make simpler:

Example: You SmartScan 50 receipts a month.

Before: The first 10 are free, and you pay $0.20 x 40 = $8/mo

Now: You pay $5/mo for a single active user (you) on the Team plan.

If the pricing was straightforward, and I thought it was reasonable for the way I use it, then it’s likely I would have paid to upgrade.  

After reading through that monstrous blog post, I am even more confused as to what the hell it is that I am suppose to do in order to restore functionality.

I guess the only way forward is out.  So I’ll have to find another way or another app(s).

I sing; when I have to

I think I’m good at it–meaning I can perform, I can stay on key, and the crowds seem to enjoy my performances so far.

But I’m struggling to figure out whether I actually enjoy it or not.  If you ask me any day of the week, whether I’d rather sing for an audience or do something else, I’d always choose something else.

If I am backed into a corner and I have to sing, (like at a karaoke party, it’s a friends birthday and they requested it) I would oblige and sing.  When I do sing, I can get lost in it, I can escape and it feels great.  Once I am back, however, I really don’t want to do it again unless I am backed into another corner.

So I like singing, but I don’t like to sing.

I’m thinking maybe I like singing, but I don’t like the feeling of nervousness, butterflies, and potential of being caught un-prepared to sing.  The latter may need some explanation.

Most people that know me probably don’t know that I sing or perform.  I almost never talk about it.  The ones that do know, saw me from performances where I spent months doing nothing but prepare–everyday–even weekends.

I am no where at that level of professionalism any more and I am sure that no one really can tell the difference.  But I can, and I don’t like to perform when I don’t have time to prepare.

Some singers are so relaxed about it.  They’ll sing anywhere, any time, and with anyone.  How they’ve let go in their minds is something I’m struggling to learn.

If I spent everyday singing, I don’t think I’ll be that nervous about singing.

If I think back to the days where I was singing and teaching singing everyday, I was less nervous about singing, but if you asked me to perform, I’d still rather do something else.

Sometimes it’s nice to forget it all…


People watching, thoughts wandering, coffee sipping.

Good music, good food, good life.

The IE who cried wolf

2014-07-11 11_12_24-Internet Explorer


It’s cute the first time.

(awww Windows is trying to check on a solution for me)

It’s annoying the second.

(with the vast repertoire of third-party software for Windows, how am I to expect you to find a solution, for my particular problem, in my particular version, of a particular piece of software?)

And therein after, I mutter “why do you bother?” every time this pops up.

(What is the freakin point of this?  I use CTRL + ALT + DEL because I want to forcibly quit something.  Not wait around for a help suggestion.)

New Samsung ad brought to you by BlackBerry — TheLoop

New Samsung ad brought to you by BlackBerry — TheLoop

 “Wall Huggers,” a phrase first used by BlackBerry CEO John Chen

The point they’re trying to make: iPhone battery sucks, and you can’t swap it out, is old, stale, funky smelling.  

Depending on the type of smartphone user you are, you may or may not need a mid-day charge, regardless of what smartphone you use.

I think whether you are destined to be a “wallhugger” or not is hugely determined by screen time, network signal strength and wifi availability.

In the days when I’m stuck at the office as a regular 9-5 cubical worker, I leave at the end of the day with my iPhone at 60%–more or less.

When I’m lucky enough to get out of the office and hit the roads, I rely mainly on network data.  In which case my iPhone just squeaks by with 30% to spare at the end of the day.

30% on an iPhone is enough to last me to the end of the night unless I’m going out.  In which case I’ll go hug a wall.



As a man, having written this post I expect there will be comments insulting me, comments questioning my manhood (whatever twisted definition those people have of such a thing, if it even exists), and so on.


But you know what there won’t be? People threatening to stalk me and rape me and kill me for having the audacity to say that women are people, and that we should be listening to them instead of telling them how to feel. Yet that is precisely what every woman on the Internet would face if she were to write this.

And that is, sadly, why we so very much need the #YesAllWomen hashtag.


Celebrity appearances at Google IO!

I’ll give you a second, see if you can spot them…



Mario and Luigi decided to join the 2014 Google IO ^_^!

Livestream launches Google Glass broadcasting app–

Livestream launches Google Glass broadcasting app–

Livestream is giving Glass owners another way to broadcast those recordings right as they happen.

Cool!  What problem is this solving?

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 Isn’t for Everybody — NYT

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 Isn’t for Everybody — NYT

 …if you write a lot, manage many windows, or work with large, scrolling documents like spreadsheets — the Surface Pro 3 isn’t your best bet…


IE woes…cont’d

Why do things break, with every IE update?

Chrome, Firefox and Safari update constantly, and it doesn’t cripple the ability to view websites(at least none that I visit).  But every time I open my PC, and see that IE updated to a new version, in my head I’m saying “FUCKING FUCK FUCK, FUCKITY FUCK”.

Sorry for the profanity, but let me explain.  Whenever it updates, all the web portals that I am forced to use, in order to do my work; they break.  Yes there is a compatibility view option, but that rarely works.  In order to get “full functionality” of these web portals back, I have to roll back to an earlier version of IE.

I don’t have enough knowledge to know why this is, but if anyone wants to summarize it in a nut shell, it would be greatly appreciated.  


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