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The IE who cried wolf

2014-07-11 11_12_24-Internet Explorer


It’s cute the first time.

(awww Windows is trying to check on a solution for me)

It’s annoying the second.

(with the vast repertoire of third-party software for Windows, how am I to expect you to find a solution, for my particular problem, in my particular version, of a particular piece of software?)

And therein after, I mutter “why do you bother?” every time this pops up.

(What is the freakin point of this?  I use CTRL + ALT + DEL because I want to forcibly quit something.  Not wait around for a help suggestion.)

New Samsung ad brought to you by BlackBerry — TheLoop

New Samsung ad brought to you by BlackBerry – TheLoop

 “Wall Huggers,” a phrase first used by BlackBerry CEO John Chen

The point they’re trying to make: iPhone battery sucks, and you can’t swap it out, is old, stale, funky smelling.  

Depending on the type of smartphone user you are, you may or may not need a mid-day charge, regardless of what smartphone you use.

I think whether you are destined to be a “wallhugger” or not is hugely determined by screen time, network signal strength and wifi availability.

In the days when I’m stuck at the office as a regular 9-5 cubical worker, I leave at the end of the day with my iPhone at 60%–more or less.

When I’m lucky enough to get out of the office and hit the roads, I rely mainly on network data.  In which case my iPhone just squeaks by with 30% to spare at the end of the day.

30% on an iPhone is enough to last me to the end of the night unless I’m going out.  In which case I’ll go hug a wall.



As a man, having written this post I expect there will be comments insulting me, comments questioning my manhood (whatever twisted definition those people have of such a thing, if it even exists), and so on.


But you know what there won’t be? People threatening to stalk me and rape me and kill me for having the audacity to say that women are people, and that we should be listening to them instead of telling them how to feel. Yet that is precisely what every woman on the Internet would face if she were to write this.

And that is, sadly, why we so very much need the #YesAllWomen hashtag.


Celebrity appearances at Google IO!

I’ll give you a second, see if you can spot them…



Mario and Luigi decided to join the 2014 Google IO ^_^!

Livestream launches Google Glass broadcasting app–

Livestream launches Google Glass broadcasting app–

Livestream is giving Glass owners another way to broadcast those recordings right as they happen.

Cool!  What problem is this solving?

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 Isn’t for Everybody — NYT

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 Isn’t for Everybody — NYT

 …if you write a lot, manage many windows, or work with large, scrolling documents like spreadsheets — the Surface Pro 3 isn’t your best bet…


IE woes…cont’d

Why do things break, with every IE update?

Chrome, Firefox and Safari update constantly, and it doesn’t cripple the ability to view websites(at least none that I visit).  But every time I open my PC, and see that IE updated to a new version, in my head I’m saying “FUCKING FUCK FUCK, FUCKITY FUCK”.

Sorry for the profanity, but let me explain.  Whenever it updates, all the web portals that I am forced to use, in order to do my work; they break.  Yes there is a compatibility view option, but that rarely works.  In order to get “full functionality” of these web portals back, I have to roll back to an earlier version of IE.

I don’t have enough knowledge to know why this is, but if anyone wants to summarize it in a nut shell, it would be greatly appreciated.  

Flickr adds new sharing capabilities, other enhancements to iOS upgrade–The Next Web

Flickr adds new sharing capabilities, other enhancements to iOS upgrade

Flickr has updated its iPhone app by adding new photo sharing capabilities


Share albums via Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Mail, or SMS.

Yaa–h–come again?
Okay, tumble–I get. Facebook–sure. Twitter–odd, but ok. Mail–why not.
But SMS? Why and more importantly why?

iOS7 redesign…?

iOS 8 will be out in a few months. It feels weird that some heavy hitter apps are still running iOS 6 style.

By the time they come out with their v7 overhauls, they will be missing a lot of iOS 8 features that were announced.


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