I’m now scared to have children.

by Glenn

The case for publicly funded child care in Canada – TheGlobeandMail

In Ontario, for instance, residents pay on average $925 a month for full-time licenced spots for a toddler – a rate that rises significantly in a big city.

Okay, that is like paying for College/University.  So after you take a hit like that for 4-5 years, you’re expected to then start saving for their real College/University fund.

Vancouver receive a subsidized payment directly – but the maximum amount is hundreds of dollars short of the average monthly fee, which for toddlers is $1,200.

Note to self: Don’t move to Vancouver.

To avoid not having care when it was time to return to work, Ms. Cousineau spent $7,420 just to save spots that opened while she was on maternity leave…

Note to self: …uh…I…hm.

A few years ago, Warren Beach, now chief financial officer at Aritzia, heard Prof. Kershaw present the statistic that in British Columbia alone, businesses lose $600-million because of work-life conflict among families with young children

“There’s a cost to business, to us training and mentoring employees,” he says, “and then ultimately losing them.”

Canada’s taking a hit in the workforce, families are taking a huge hit in their financials and no one is making it a priority.

Quebec, whose groundbreaking, subsidized plan charges just $7 a day.

Quebec’s case has demonstrated, however, that child care takes long years to get right. Even with enough $7-a-day spots for 50 per cent of children under the age of five (twice as many as the country as whole), there are still parents who can’t get a space.

Note to self: Quebec is an option.

Note to self: You may want to start re-learning French.  Soon.